1988 Greymouth Flood

By Tui Bromley


Full two hour video below

It was 25 years ago today that a raging sea, high tide and swollen Grey River combined to send floodwaters surging through the Greymouth town centre in unprecedented levels, wreaking total havoc on businesses houses and the infrastructure.
The devastation of September 13, 1988, came only five months after another massive flood.
Now, a quarter of a century later, with Greymouth protected by the floodwall, the chances of the town ever flooding again are remote. For the benefit of those who lived and waded through the flood -- and newcomers who can only imagine it -- the Greymouth Star has placed video footage of the September event on our Facebook page and website www.greystar.co.nz, and will carry a photographic special in tomorrow’s edition.
The video was filmed by former Steak Bar owner Helen Kemp, and was supplied to the Greymouth Star by Tim Moreton.
The accompanying then and now pictures of Herbert Street are a graphic reminder of just how bad the flood was, 25 years ago today.