- Wednesday, 01 July 2015

After 148 years of publication, the Greymouth Star has joined the digital age, offering the additional option of reading your daily newspaper on-line by way of computer, tablet or smartphone — instantly, anywhere in the world.
The paper’s founding father and editor, Snyder Browne, who had to hand-set in rough premises in Waite Street every line of type for the first eight pages of the Greymouth Evening Star on March 18,

Brendon McMahon - Tuesday, 13 October 2015

There was barely a murmur last night as the Grey District Council mutely ratified tagging the $1 million Development West Coast district economic...

- Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Police have arrested a 60-year-old man over a threat to contaminate infant formula with the poison 1080.

Viv Logie - Monday, 12 October 2015

Police have yet to talk to the survivors of a collision between a truck and car at Omoto on Friday evening, in which a Greymouth teenager died.

Brendon McMahon - Monday, 12 October 2015

Police are "appalled" at the level of intoxication of a Nelson woman they nabbed for drink-driving in Westport on Friday night after she was...

Laura Mills - Friday, 09 October 2015

A Dobson woman is setting up a support group for those suffering from mental illness, after another West Coast suicide.

Brendon McMahon - Friday, 09 October 2015

Westland Mayor Mike Havill says his council should probably get the agreement of Kumara residents over spending the town's endowment fund on a...

- Thursday, 08 October 2015

A former Westport dairy farm manager who admitted his guilt to the "sadistic" ill- treatment of hundreds of dairy cows was yesterday jailed for...

Brendon McMahon - Thursday, 08 October 2015

"Incendiary devices," namely fireworks, thrown under a campervan parked at Westport's North Beach are not "the welcome mat" the town wants to...

Viv Logie - Wednesday, 07 October 2015

Viv Logie
The Grey District Council has bought Greymouth's only privately-owned gymnasium, which will be moved into the town's new sports...

- Friday, 02 October 2015

A Crooked River farmer who had just been convicted of animal welfare concerns with 77 cows and 72 calves found starving on his property in 2012,...

- Friday, 02 October 2015

A Blaketown man who filmed the prolonged torture of a cat after his friends set it alight and watched while it ran around aflame until it died,...

Laura Mills - Thursday, 01 October 2015

Laura Mills

Viv Logie - Thursday, 01 October 2015

Fish caught in slip

Laura Mills - Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Laura Mills